Betfred Bonuses And Promotions

They say that you’ll love a bit of Betfred and it might just well be true this year with their continually increasing bonuses on offer that will ensure you get some serious bang for your buck when you make your first deposit there. With the new football season approaching all the bookies are looking to push the most exciting offers to attract new players, with free bets and offers of the best odds. This is where we have found Betfred to excel, they offer a free matched bet of 25 pounds if you enter the promo code of BF25 on their registration page. However, they also give you the chance to use their double odds feature by entering the code DOUBLEODDS when you sign up. This really helps you get an advantage and seriously increases the chances of making a nice profit on your chosen bet. They also send out various promos throughout the season and for various other special events, such as the national and Wimbledon to name just a few.betfred bonus king

If you are more of a casino player and enjoy slots, side games, roulette and the likes then why not try out their welcome offer by entering the code WELCOME200 which does what it suggests with a 200 quid welcome bonus. There’s a Betfred promo code for every aspect of their site. For example, if you’re more into bingo then you can use the code BINGO40 for a nice fat deposit bonus and for the poker places amongst you use POKER10 hen you sign up. There’s even more bonus that you can use by visiting the site we linked to above and of course you will receive numerous promotions to keep things exciting and keep your interest up once you are registered.

We have found Betfred to have very good payout rates, probably the best in the business and this is data we’ve collected through a lot of players, when we compare it to other bookies there’s really not much argument about where the punter comes off best at. So, if you are looking to have a bet anytime soon then make sure to keep Betfred in mind, sometimes we wonder how they actually turn a profit with the amount of winners we see. Good luck!