Overview of Winstones Slot

Unless you have just joined us from the Stone Age itself, then you will be no doubt aware of the popular TV show ‘The Flintstones’ which was based around the lives of a Stone Age family. Well, the Winstones slot takes on everything that made the Flintstones great and adds it into an invigorating and exciting online slots game. You get to visit the Winstone Casino and have some great fun with the unique offers and styles provided by the game itself.

If you are looking for a solid online slots game to start playing regularly, then this could be the perfect choice for a spiritual home. The games style and theme has all been transformed to fit the Stone Age design with the family members and many other popular Stone Age instruments like mammoths and stone writing appearing regularly.winstones slot game

The wild symbols that appear in this game are the Winstones Casino and also the Winstones Resort. These are easily discernable from one another and it allows you to really hit some nice bonuses. With a maximum pay-out of 2000 times what your original stake was, you can make as much as £10,000 when playing Winstones Slots!

If you are lucky enough to get the scatter symbol to appear – the mammoth – then you have the chance to really get some brilliant free spins. All you need to get free spins is to have three of the mammoth, or more, appear on the screen out of the possible combinations there. Should you get the Wild symbols, you have the chance to hit the highest possible bonus within the game – you just need five of the Wild to appear in a line to create the winning run that you need to hit the big bucks.

This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game and these unique ideas, the cool design and the interesting style of bonuses available all make this one of the more popular Gamesys online slots games that have been released in recent years. If you want to enjoy a blast from the past, and really take a whole new style and feel to your online slots experience, then this is the place to be.

It’s got character and it’s got style – but most of all, it’s an incredibly user-friendly game that you can enjoy whether you want to be playing for the big prizes or just with a few pennies for a little bit of fun – the choice is entirely yours, but one thing is for sure – this game is well and truly up there with some of the best online slots games out there.