The Future of Offline Bingo

As we all move towards a more digital age, where everything is replaced from the brick and mortar equivalent to the mobile version, many niches and businesses are struggling to adapt. Today, you can do just about anything from the comfort of the internet – buy your shopping, even work – and this started to really take over the gaming world, too.

As bookmakers, casinos and especially bingo halls look for new ways to compete with the online equivalents, how does the future of the offline world look?

Online bingo has especially seen the biggest rise in the last few years, and has a long-term future in the United Kingdom. Traditional bingo halls, however, are another prospect altogether. As people find it easier to stay indoors and enjoy the same thrills from bingo on their computer, the offline bingo world is really struggling to hall

It was estimated in 2012 that 1 in 3 bingo halls were currently at the threat of closure due to the introduction of online gambling. Furthermore, incidents like the smoking ban have hit the amount of people who travel out, not to mention the poor economic situation globally.

Alongside high taxes and poor consumer spending levels, many bingo halls are looking at bleak winters. It was estimated than more than 200 halls could close in the UK within the next three years, if the tax burdens are not lessened on bingo halls.

With the current closure rate of 10 a year across the UK, the Bingo Association have a lot of work on their hands to reinvigorate the game within traditional environments. As younger consumers would rather play from their beds, it becomes harder to get those other than the hardcore to come and try it out for themselves.

Consumer spending is a big issue, too, as profits are almost halved today. Even a few years ago, the average punter spent £17 in a bingo hall, today they spent £10. With money being tight for everybody, bingo tickets are being halved in cost in many places.

Sadly, the offline bingo world is struggling quite massively. It is a hugely traditional part of the gaming environment, especially in the UK, but it looks to be another niche losing out to its online counterpart.

If you are a former regular of a particular bingo hall, then you may want to start visiting a bit more. Without constant support and attendance, these closure rates are only going to increase. Online has many benefits, but the offline game has the tradition and the charm, which would be horrible to lose.