Visitor Attractions

Future Footprints is working with visitor attractions to engage the region’s visitors and encourage them to take simple steps to make their trip to the South West more enjoyable, and also more sustainable. Together we can ‘keep the South West special’.

Get involved!
A range of resources area avilable to help you communicate those messages to your visitors. The ‘Try Local, Buy Local’ and ‘What’s on Your Doorstep?’ posters can be personalised with local tips and ideas. Just type in your local recommendations, print them out and put on a notice board. You can download and change them as often as you like!A variety of other high quality printed material including postcards, posters, fridge magnets and wallet cards, are also available free of charge to Future Footprints supporters.

You can even download the logo, web banner or advert for use on websites, brochures and event programmes.

To access the resources click on ‘Join Us’. Once you have joined, log in and take your pick of the resources available. (Just remember – your password is your email address).

Case Studies
Have a look at the case studies below for ideas and information on how you can communicate with your visitors. More examples can be found in the ‘case studies’ section and more info on the homepage of our site.

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